56 – Trailer

Three children struggle to get 56 kg of rice: the cost of going to primary school in Soavinarivo, a small village in the Madagascar island.
A documentary short by Bonzo.

Written and produced by Carlos Gómez & Vallivana Álvarez.
Director & editing: Marco Huertas.
DoP: Cesc Nogueras.
Music: Al Pagoda.
Sound: David Doubtifre.
Translation & assistant producer: Tinah Lambonirina.

Shot on location in Soavinarivo (Fenoarivo Be, Madagascar). August 2015.

Captura de pantalla 2017-09-19 a las 9.59.01

Captura de pantalla 2017-09-19 a las 9.58.30

Captura de pantalla 2017-09-19 a las 9.58.17

Best Doc Short – San Francisco Black FF 2016
Best Documentary – FICT 2016: Torrelavega ISFF
Best Short Film – FICMEC 2016: Canary Islands Environmental IFF
Grand Prix – T-Film Ostrava 2016
Best Documentary – FICU Lanterna
Child Audience Award for Best Short Film – XXV MCIP: Palencia IFF
Documentary of the Month – 12 Months FF: June
Best Non-Fiction Mid-Length Film – fDEVIL
Special Jury Mention – Short of the Year 2016: Autumn
Festival de Málaga – Asserting Women’s Rights
Cayfilm: Cayman IFF
La Guarimba FF 2016
Ecozine FF
Sardinia FF 2016
ZIFF: Zanzibar IFF
Arroios FF
L’Alfàs del Pi NFF: Valencian Section
12 Months FF: June – Nominee for Actress of the Month (Ravaka & Victorine)
Resistencia Film Fest
13th Ethno FF Heart of Slavonia
Tlanchana Fest
FICARQ Festival: 4th International Film & Architecture Festival
Human Rights and Human Dignity FF (Myanmar)
FIFEC: Conakry IFF on Environment
International Hall of Light 2016
Inonu University 9th ISFF
Mostra de Cinema Etnográfico Museo do Pobo Galego
IX All Voices Against Silence – Section Human Rights
Prokuplje SFF
Exhibited at the 31st UN Human Rights Council in Geneva, Switzerland. March 3, 2016.