HOUSE OF LOIS: Spring – Summer Collection 2015 by Lois

Fashion film / advert / product catalog.
Client: LTM – Lois International.
Production Company: The Films on Fire (with the collaboration of Slyman Arts).
Cast: Ani Aliena, Aya Gueye, Gabriela di Zio, Alejandro Añón, José Carbonell, Javier Chapa.
Director, writer, editing: Marco Huertas.
Director of Photography: Cesc Nogueras.
Producer: Belén Alemany, Pablo Martínez, Marco Huertas.
Executive Producer: Fran Agulló, Marcos Pitarch, Cesc Nogueras.
Assistant Camera: Pablo Martínez, Marina Cerdá.
Assistant Producer: Alexis Atienza.
Concept/Creativity: Borja Agramunt.
Stylism / Account Manager: María Agramunt
Graphic Design & VFX: Pablo Huertas
Gaffer: María González.
Art Director (Set Decorator): Marta Andrés.
Sound editing: David Doubtfire.
Hair & Make up: Regina Redón, Dan Campbells.
Make up design: Anna González.
Electrics: Pepe Sánchez (Lux Light Team).
Also starring: Tono Tormo (aka Meerkat), Ezequiel Maldjian, Leandro Pruñonosa, Fran Agulló, Alexis Atienza, Agustín Navarro, Sergio Craggs, Manolo Agulles, Marisol Agulles, Carmina Frasquet.
Song: Rumpelstiltskin – We Used To Pray (Album: Loud Intertitles).
Supply companies: Kika Lux, Lux Light Team, Carmen Duran Model Agency.
Thanks to: Mariola Alemany, Croquetea, Es.Paellas, Alberto Rodilla.
Shot on location in Chiva, Valencia (Comunidad Valenciana, Spain). July 2014.
Camera: Arri Alexa.
Lenses: Zeiss Compact Prime 25 mm, 35 mm, 50 mm, 85 mm, 100 mm.
Underwater shots with Canon 5D Mark III and Zeiss Lens 25mm 2.0.
A presentation by The Films on Fire for Lois.
LTM – Lois International / The Films on Fire. 2014